Repurposing Old Writings

I was looking through the files on my computer today in an effort to see what could stay and what could be banished to my desktop recycle bin. I have a lot of old documents that are no longer needed, so a good cleanout was long overdue. It was then that I came across some … Continue reading Repurposing Old Writings

Split Infinitives: Should You Split Hairs Over Them?

For over two hundred years there has been controversy surrounding split infinitives and their usage in writing. To clarify, a split infinitive occurs when a word (almost always an adverb) is inserted between the ‘to’ and the verb in a sentence. Perhaps the most famous example of a split infinitive: “To boldly go (where no … Continue reading Split Infinitives: Should You Split Hairs Over Them?

Why it’s Okay to Use ‘Literally’ Figuratively

‘I haven’t eaten anything all day,’ says Graham. ‘I’m literally starving.’ He shouldn’t have said it. ‘Actually,’ Nancy begins, head held high. ‘You’re figuratively starving’. Graham sighs. Here comes the lecture. ‘You ate this morning, Graham. You can’t literally be starving. I wish people would use literally and figuratively correctly. It isn’t very difficult! The … Continue reading Why it’s Okay to Use ‘Literally’ Figuratively